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Reading circle: Revolutionary feminist writings on the fight for Black liberation

New Valencia Hall 747 Polk Street, San Francisco

What are the answers to stopping police murders, winning meaningful restitution for past and ongoing injustices, and ending systemic racism? Take part in the discussion of two newly published booklets which pose bold strategies for a revived freedom struggle. Held weekly on Wednesdays, March 8, 15, 22, 29 and April 5, 12; 7-8:30pm. Available in-person... Read more »

Women, Life, Freedom – Learning from the Revolutionary Tenacity of Iranian Women

New Valencia Hall 747 Polk Street, San Francisco

Women continue to lead the protests in the streets of Iran and workers, oppressed nationalities, and others have joined in solidarity. Speakers will discuss how Iranian women are building an inclusive movement to end government oppression and why the demands of “Women, Life, Freedom!” resonate with all parts of society. Learn more about how to... Read more »

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