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Online study group: The United Front—a powerful strategy for defeating the ultra-right onslaught and winning survival reforms

Online (LA) Los Angeles, CA, United States

What kind of unity do oppressed and working people need today? Certainly not the Democrats’ version of bi-partisanship that will cause more repression and misery for the 99% while the 1% add billions to their bloated portfolios. In this online discussion, we will • Analyze the united front model of solidarity in action; • Study... Read more »

End Homelessness Now-LA Meeting

Online (LA) Los Angeles, CA, United States

This is a working meeting to gather endorsements on EHN-LA's letter urging the city council, mayor, and top administrative officials to implement publicly-owned social housing as the solution to both homelessness and housing insecurity. The city council recently passed a motion asking city administrators to explore international examples of social housing and make recommendations for... Read more »

Online discussion – The confounding 2020 election: analysis and next steps for action

Online (LA) Los Angeles, CA, United States

Online public forum and discussion: • Why voters made the choices they did and the roles played by gender and race  • “Lesser evil” politics – a winning strategy? • How workers can survive the pandemic and fight the deepening economic crisis Speakers: Annaliza Torres, Seattle FSP Organizer, Comrades of Color Caucus member, unionist, and... Read more »

Feminists of Color Speak Out

Online (LA) Los Angeles, CA, United States

Feminists of Color Speak Out: Women must control our fate – our bodies! our lives! our political destiny! In addition to racist police violence and a deadly pandemic, women face the brutality of forced sterilization and the loss of access to birth control and abortion. Hardest hit are immigrant women in ICE concentration camps, Indigenous... Read more »

Online study group – Challenging the capitalist status quo: State and Revolution

Online (LA) Los Angeles, CA, United States

A tidal wave of protest against racist police violence coinciding with a deadly pandemic and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression are presenting social activists with urgent and profound political challenges. How do we understand and expose the role of the police and legal system in sustaining white male supremacy and class exploitation?... Read more »

Town Hall: A New Vision for Housing Justice

Online (LA) Los Angeles, CA, United States

Los Angeles FSP is active in End Homelessness Now-LA, a broad-based community campaign that calls on City and County governments to transform all of their vacant and underused properties into permanent, supportive, public housing. Please join us on Facebook Live for an informative Town Hall. Today, at least 70,000 people are unhoused in Los Angeles... Read more »

Online Study Group: How to save a world in crisis? Reform vs. Revolution

Online (LA) Los Angeles, CA, United States

The global pandemic, impending economic collapse, and the survival of the earth itself at risk—with stakes this high, how do we focus our organizing? Can the course reversal we need be achieved through piecemeal reforms and voting in democratic socialists? Or will it take a complete transformation of the current capitalist system? In this remote... Read more »

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