indigenous struggles

Mary Pitawanakwat 1950-1995

October 1995

Ojibway Native Mary Pitawanakwat, winner of a celebrated race discrimination suit against the Canadian government, died July 10 in Regina, Saskatchewan at age 45. She leaves behind two children and… Read more »

Ebbs & Flows

July 1996

Died: MICHEL PABLO, 85, Feb. 17, 1996, in Athens; born Mihalis Raptis in 1911. He advanced the theory that degenerated workers states would last for centuries, but lived long enough… Read more »

First Nations press for rights and restitution

April 1998

After 150 years of genocide against the country’s original inhabitants, the Canadian government is today on trial. On one front, survivors of nightmarish residential schools for stolen Indian children are… Read more »