A warning Message: Prologue

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Editor’s note: Janet McCloud has just published a profound paper entitled” A Warning Message to All Indian Nations and Our Friends and Supporters,” by Yet Si Blue (her Indian name).

In a brave and eloquent call to save threatened Native Americans, McCloud details the history and nature of three crises facing her people and asserts that true resolution can only come about through the return of American natives to their historic culture of a communal society based on sharing and equalitarianism.

McCloud’s paper may be obtained for $.30 per copy through the FSP Bookstore, 3815 Fifth Avenue N.E., Seattle, WA 98105.

Excerpts from her historic 17-page statement are printed below.

We face another crisis.

For two hundred years our people have struggled against powerful forces to insure a life for ourselves and the coming generations.

Many times we faced defeat, but by unified and determined efforts, we rose to the challenge and survived.

And now our people must arise once again to face threats that endanger our liberty and our distinctive way of life.

The first danger is the threat to our sovereignty posed by the treaty termination bills before Congress.

These bills are pushed by a sinister coalition of special interest groups, the predator ruling class, who have become rich and powerful from the exploitation of Indian land and resources.

United Indian resistance to stop the exploitation of our Nations and the raping and pillaging of our land and resources has unleashed the wrath of the super-rich, who are using their vast political power and wealth against us.

The second and less obvious danger is our leadership crisis. Too many Indian leaders are overadapting to the ways and thinking of our exploiters and selling us out!

The third danger is acute and potentially destructive — our cultural crisis as a whole people.

By adopting the philosophy and behavior of our enemies, we are abandoning our cultural identity…

Soon our trails will divide … one will be for those who competitively strive to climb the ladder of success to their predator-ruler’s castle in the sky! They will fall into the emptiness they have created, to death and destruction.

The other path … is for those who have struggled to remain free and sovereign Nations and human beings, the caretakers and guardians of life who are equalitarian, democratic, communal and non-exploitative. That trail will spiral upwards on the natural evolutionary path of life, into a higher level of existence!

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