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Anti-fascists pepper-sprayed

Editor’s Note: This letter was submitted to the University of Washington (UW) administration and the Seattle Police Department.

Marian Sunde and I are writing to criticize the obnoxious, abusive and discriminatory treatment we experienced directly at the hands of the Seattle Police during the counter demonstration held at UW’s Red Square Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018.

We were part of a large crowd raising our voices to protest the UW College Republican sponsored rally featuring Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer. And we were doused with what we assume was pepper spray.

We strongly object to the unequal treatment by the police towards the two opposing groups. The cops monitored who was allowed to enter the area assigned to the College Republicans. On the other hand, the flag-draped racists and other alt-right hecklers wandered through our counter protest with no interference from the cops. It is a double standard for the police to defend the neo-Nazis and their sponsors, but at the same time to drench counter protesters with pepper spray.

Chris Smith, Seattle


Excellent critique

Thank you so much for this detailed, measured and extensive critique [“Socialist Alternative’s electoral strategy: popularity over principle,” Vol. 39, No. 1]. It is certainly the best I have read. The history of Freedom Socialist Party’s critical support of Socialist Alternative and subsequent rebuffs was particularly revealing.

Bow to Bernie, bow to Nader, bow to Stein — sketchy anti-capitalists at best. Rebuff support from established revolutionaries and call yourself Trotskyists. What is wrong with this picture?

I support Steve Hoffman. Hook me up with the folks on his campaign.

Patrick Haggerty, Bremerton, Wash.


Socialism the answer

Revolutionary greetings, comrades! I am just one of the many imprisoned voices crying out for the abolition of prison slavery.

I am thankful for the feminist and socialist opinions and objective facts published in your newspaper.

Capitalism has failed all of us! So why should we continue to support it when we have such a bright socialist future ahead of us? I believe that the FS is on the front line of the movement and I encourage all my comrades and friends to support it.

Keith ‘Malik’ Washington, Deputy Chairman, New Africa Black Panther Party, Prison chapter–Texas


Radical Women’s statement

Women are on the rise as never before! Indigenous sisters are on the cutting edge of struggles from defiant Kurdish regions to the battle to stop a Liquid Natural Gas facility on Puyallup tribal land near Tacoma, Wash. Rohingya women and girls fight genocidal rape, while countless women attest #MeToo, as they expose sexual harassers.

Sisters in Latin America are suffering the devastating effects of neo-liberalism and demanding the right to control their own bodies. Immigrant and refugee women try to hold their families together against a world divided by capitalist borders.

And African American women continue to provide the leadership that has inspired and mobilized movements around the world for generations.

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, a day founded by socialist women to honor the struggles of working-class heroines, Radical Women salutes our sisters at the heart of every movement for liberation. Women hold up half the sky. Together with our allies among all oppressed people, we can take down the patriarchal capitalist system.

Debbie Brennan, Melbourne and Helen Gilbert, Seattle

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