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Water wastage

Thanks for the article on the drought in California and the resulting, ever higher food prices in the land of plenty [Food prices, drought, and poverty, Vol. 35, No. 2].

With respect to capitalist-induced climate change, there are three kinds of people in California: the vast majority who suffer its effects, the idiots who deny it’s happening, and the few who are so insulated by wealth and power from its effects that they don’t care.

Concerning the latter, consider the following. Wealthy Palm Springs uses more water than any other comparably sized community in California. Why? Because in the desert heat throughout the year, millions of gallons of water evaporate from its hundreds of privately-owned swimming pools.

But not to be outdone, just down the road from Palm Springs, even tonier Indian Wells refuses to replace the thirsty, beautifully landscaped flower beds and golf-course-like green strips along the city’s main access route, with desert landscaping. Such a move would save tons of water and be ecologically sound, but it would deny residents a pleasing aesthetic experience. Consequently it’s off the agenda.

So much for shared sacrifice in California’s war on the drought.

Roger Fraser, Cathedral City, Calif.


A few corrections

Thank you for your article on the postal struggle [Postal workers oppose cutbacks, outsourcing, and ‘toxic work environment’, Vol. 35, No. 2].

Unfortunately the article had several facts wrong. There have been no lay-offs. That’s prohibited in our union contracts. But 30 percent of the postal workforce has been eliminated in ten years due to attrition, primarily retirement.

The pre-funding is for retiree health insurance, not employee insurance. Starting salaries are no longer $21, instead they can be $13 and $16, depending on the craft.

J. Partridge, Portland, Ore.


Supermax “freedom”

While the chances of assault are dramatically increased at the supermax I was moved to, I’d rather be here. It is more free psychologically. The guards and administrators don’t bother with petty rules and regulations for the most part.

Strange that a medium maximum security prison should be more oppressive psychologically and physically while the supermax is less so because of the increase in fights and stabbings.

I’d rather have the increased risk of assault and rewards than a prison where guards go out of their way to make life miserable.

W.C. Halliwell, Lewiston, Penn.

Speaks the truth

Thank you for the generosity in sending me a free subscription.

I have enjoyed reading the Freedom Socialist over the past several years. It is informative and speaks the truth.

Ellis Sanchez, Stockton, Calif.

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