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Poet Karen Brodine
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With the pandemic sweeping the globe and many people — myself included — currently in lockdown, there’s only so much of the 24-hour news cycle, repeating the same reports over and over, that one can take! So I thought I would share my tips for a change of pace. All are available for free. 

A brilliant sound work by Aideen Doran will be online until October. It is a rendition in multiple voices of the poem series Woman Sitting at the Machine, Thinking. This is an online exhibition by The Talbot Rice Gallery in the UK. I enjoyed the collage of working women’s voices immensely, as they present a very contemporary interpretation of this epic work by working class feminist poet, Karen Brodine. 

Series 27 of Living Black is showing on SBS on Demand. Particular highlights include Episode 3, featuring singer, songwriter and storyteller, Archie Roach. Host Karla Grant has an in-depth conversation with Archie about his memoir, Tell Me Why, and its companion album. 

Episode 27, “Aboriginal Lives Matter,” gives voice to three families who lost a loved one in custody. 

Many broadcasters on Melbourne’s much-loved community radio station 3CR continue to produce and broadcast new material from lockdown. There’s a huge array of podcasts available to download from the website. These are a couple of my particular favourites: Out of the Pan, hosted by Sally Goldner, “knows no boundaries of sex or gender” and explores transgender, bisexual and polyamorous issues. The specialty of Jan Bartlett, long-time host of Tuesday Hometime, is in-depth current interviews from around the world.

Want to brush up on your Marxist theory in an accessible way? Marx is Back is a subtitled mini-series in Spanish about the Communist Manifesto. Topics include Bourgeois and Proletarians, the Market and the Capitalist Crisis, and State and Revolution. There’s also a very educational imaginary conversation crossing generations, in which Marx has an encounter with Trotsky. This series was produced in 2013 by socialists in Argentina. 

Have you looked at the growing range of videos available on the Freedom Socialist Party’s YouTube channel? There are short clips and a range of longer pieces. I particularly recommend Poetry in the Time of Pandemic and Other Earthly Ills, Ecosocialism: A World to Win, A Planet to Save and Dr Susan Williams discussing COVID-19: Capitalist Crisis & Socialist Solutions. 

Got a recommendation to share? I’d love to hear from you. 

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