indigenous struggles

Of Town Camps and Uranium Mines

Winter/Spring 2006

When Central Australian Prosecutor, Nanette Rogers, appeared on the ABC’s Late Line program in May, she described in shocking detail sexual assaults and domestic violence being perpetrated in Aboriginal communities…. Read more »

Your Say

Winter/Spring 2005

Law change the tip of the iceberg It was great to read the article on provocation in the Freedom Socialist Bulletin. Rob Hulls and John Thwaites have made all the… Read more »

Indigenous land is NOT for sale

Winter/Spring 2005

The Howard Government has already announced its plans to attack working people through the combination of its anti-union laws and attacks on welfare. But unless faced with mass resistance, it… Read more »

Reject shared responsibility agreements

Summer/Autumn 2005

Hooray for the National Indigenous Times (NIT) for blowing the whistle on the Howard Government’s appalling track record on Indigenous affairs. The paper recently published leaked Cabinet documents which revealed… Read more »