Letters to the editor

August 2021

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Socialist Feminism

Wonderful perspective

After a year of subscription to the Freedom Socialist newspaper of the Freedom Socialist Party, I have come to realise how wonderful and essential this paper is for the working class. It is great to have a feminist socialist perspective in print.

Thanks for your revolutionary work.

William Devine, Alberta, Canada


Bad faith critique

Full disclosure: I’m a proud anarchist and union member, but I’ve been looking at your organization [FSP] for some time and trying to figure out ways we can work together. However, I’m pretty concerned about your article about anarchism [“Are today’s anarchists movement builders?” Vol. 42, No. 2].

While I absolutely believe in a united front, the article paints a very surface-level and, frankly, bad faith critique of anarchism. You also seem to be perpetuating the “outside agitators” myth that has been in law enforcement’s toolbox for decades to “weaken leftist movements,” which is extraordinarily concerning and makes me worried that FSP might be in bed with the FBI (not making accusations, but I can’t lie that this crossed my mind).

I’d like to work with you and other non-anarchist leftists, but I find that the relationship is strained — and it’s not all our doing. If you truly want to form a united front with anarchists (and frankly, you need us just as much as we need you), you’re going to need to address our views with better faith and much more nuance. I’m open to having a dialogue with y’all, but good faith on your part is crucial. I hope I have and continue to extend the same courtesy to you.

Mae B., via email

Editor’s note: FSP believes that frank engagement on differences is part of building strong united fronts. That is not being in bed with the FBI.

Julian Assange

Stop the U.S. witch hunt

After over a decade of unremitting harassment by the United States government, the case against Julian Assange has fallen apart.

Why? Because the key witness against Assange, Sigurdur “Siggi” Thordarson, admitted he lied for immunity from prosecution.

The U.S. government, beginning with Obama, has been trying to extradite and charge Assange with espionage. His crime? His role in WikiLeaks’ exposure of war crimes by Uncle Sam in the Middle East. He should have been heralded as a hero instead of branded a criminal.

As a journalist uncovering the truth, his actions must be protected. In these days of QAnon and Tucker Carlson, we need more free press uncovering the important stories, not less. Drop all the charges. Stop the harassment.

Sandra MacKay, San Francisco

United Front

Essential reading

I really liked the article “The united front: key to the essential fight against fascists” [Vol. 42, No. 3].

I was a participant in the Seattle branch Zoom class on the united front. Interacting with activists with united front experience made the subject relevant. Having thinkers guide the group opened up a whole whelm of ideas about the value and possibilities of the united front strategy.

Andrea Bauer’s article gave succinct examples and lessons that were understandable and accessible and addressed nearly all of concerns that arose during the course. Proposing the united front against encroaching fascism becomes a more permanent movement in these times is a matter of survival. Thank you.

I appreciated the reasons she gave for why the united front must have a working class leadership. This is another way of saying the goals will not be sold out or readily compromised. In the struggle against fascism working people and the extra exploited have everything to lose, and everything to gain by remaining steadfast.

For revolutionists, participation in united front efforts seems mandatory whenever possible because they are microcosms of class struggle and great practice for battles to come. Trotsky described the soviet as the ultimate united front necessary for the seizure of power. That lofty argument helped put things in perspective for me!

The Freedom Socialist has a wealth of online united front resources. Perhaps a mini-menu or specific united front resource page would be useful?

Together, the stories are a content-rich united front arsenal.

Marcel H. via email

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