7-Point Durham/López 2012 Platform

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Stephen Durham for President

A strong workers’ rights advocate who has long fought racial and sexual discrimination, Durham speaks three languages and is building ties with unionists and feminists in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Christina López for Vice President

A socialist feminist champion of immigrant and reproductive rights, López defends those most hurt by the economic crisis as an organizer of a grassroots campaign against Washington state budget cuts.

They stand for:

Full employment
Disarm the US war machine and use the money to create a massive, publicly funded training and jobs program at union wages with childcare available. Repeal union-busting laws.

Government that helps the needy, not the greedy
Restore funds and programs that help seniors, the poor, children, single mothers and the homeless. No cuts to Social Security. Free medical care for all, including reproductive services and abortion. End foreclosures and expand low-cost public housing. Nationalize the banks and energy industry under the management of workers’ committees.

Multicultural education for all ages
Tax corporate profits to pay for quality public education through college and trade school. Cancel student debt.

Ending the war on drugs
Treatment and job training, not prison, for addicts. Outlaw for-profit detention. Enact elected civilian review boards over the police. Legalize drugs.

Freedom from discrimination
Equal rights for all regardless of race, age, sex, nationality, sexual orientation, immigration status, or physical ability. Restore affirmative action programs. Dismantle Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security.

Freedom of association & speech
Repeal the Patriot Act and indefinite military detention of US and foreign citizens. Dismantle the FBI. Outlaw covert police spying and disruption of free speech activities.

Solidarity with workers worldwide
Overturn trade deals that impoverish workers here and around the world. Bring all US troops home. Nationalize US corporations that pollute, exploit and support corrupt regimes abroad. For planetary environmental sanity and a socialist world!


National campaign office:
4710 University Way NE, #100
Seattle, WA 98105
206-985-4621 • VoteSocialism@gmail.com
Twitter @VoteSocialism

To download and distribute copies of this platform:
New York
Northern California
Southern California

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