End the Zionist genocide in Palestine

Summer/Autumn 2009

Arabs observed a bloody anniversary around the globe in 2008. Sixty years earlier, the Settler State known as Israel was founded on stolen Palestinian lands. Al Nakhba, (the catastrophe) was… Read more »

Anti-war veterans speak out

Summer/Autumn 2009

In 1918, on 11 November at 11.00 am, the guns of the Western Front fell silent. The first global war ended after millions had perished. On November 11, 2008 the… Read more »

Lions for Lambs and the limits of liberalism

Summer/Autumn 2008

Director and actor Robert Redford’s antiwar film, Lions for Lambs, would be easy to dismiss as a long, drawn-out lecture delivered with sledgehammers. But as a pithy illustration of stagnant,… Read more »