indigenous struggles

Noongar Native Title victory: Treaty Now!

Summer/Autumn 2007

It’s taken more than 200 years, but at last one of Australia’s first nations has been recognised by the courts as the original sovereign over a major urban area. In a rare display of justice for Indigenous Australians, a Federal judge ruled in September that the Noongar people of southwestern Australia still have Native Title… Read more »

Demand justice for Errol Wyles Junior!

Winter/Spring 2006

Momentum is building around the country in the campaign to expose the truth behind the death of Errol Wyles Junior. The key goal is to achieve justice for the family of this 15-year-old Aboriginal boy who was killed in violent and tragic circumstances on 7 June 2003 in Townsville, Queensland. Errol Wyles Junior’s life was… Read more »

Shut-up and listen! Indigenous people have solutions

Winter/Spring 2006

When Nanette Rogers spoke out about violence against women and children in Aboriginal communities, a string of Federal and State politicians made statements about the need to be tough on crime! What they failed to do was support Indigenous community solutions. There are many excellent community projects, most of which are woefully under-funded. The Rogers… Read more »

Howard takes aim at Land Rights in the Northern Territory

Winter/Spring 2006

Yvonne Margarula, the most senior member of the Mirrar Gudjehmi clan, became a household name during the struggle to stop the Jabiluka Uranium mine in the Northern Territory. Margarula and the Mirrar people were able to exercise their right of veto under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 (ALRA). They also had a… Read more »

Of Town Camps and Uranium Mines

Winter/Spring 2006

When Central Australian Prosecutor, Nanette Rogers, appeared on the ABC’s Late Line program in May, she described in shocking detail sexual assaults and domestic violence being perpetrated in Aboriginal communities. The media responded as if this was all new and used the story to launch a frenzy of racist vilification of Aboriginal culture. But for… Read more »

Indigenous rights emergency! Don’t sit out the Stolenwealth Games

Summer/Autumn 2006

Just a little over five years ago, Australia witnessed its largest ever protests. A quarter of a million Sydneysiders marched across the Harbour Bridge, and hundreds of thousands of people turned out all around the country to participate in the walks for reconciliation. These were hopeful mass mobilisations of people wanting a new era for… Read more »

Defend the Aboriginal Tent Embassy! Resist the racist ban on camping!

Summer/Autumn 2006

The National Indigenous Times calls the Aboriginal Tent Embassy “one of the enduring icons of Aboriginal dissent.” However, the Parliament of Australia webpage asks if the Tent Embassy “is an icon or an eyesore?” The Howard Government — true to its assimilationist mission — has clearly made up its mind. Past attempts to close down… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Party submission on the future of the Aboriginal tent Embassy

Summer/Autumn 2006

It is with reluctance that the Freedom Socialist Party — a socialist feminist political party with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous members — is putting forward this submission. We are reluctant, because we do not support the racist and divisive process of the Federal Government in hiring consultants to make recommendations about the future of the… Read more »

Your Say

Winter/Spring 2005

Law change the tip of the iceberg It was great to read the article on provocation in the Freedom Socialist Bulletin. Rob Hulls and John Thwaites have made all the right noises, but the whole of the Defence to Homicide Report needs to be adopted or the situation for women who kill after abuse will… Read more »