indigenous struggles

The uphill fight to free Nestora Salgado

April 2014

Nestora Salgado is both a naturalized U.S. citizen and an indigenous leader in her Mexican hometown of Olinalá, Guerrero. Last summer, Mexican authorities jailed her on trumped-up charges related to… Read more »

Mexico: the right of civilian self-defense

April 2014

The emergence of community police and self-defense groups (las autodefensas) in thirteen of Mexico’s states is a major political event nationally, but also internationally. It is not every day that… Read more »

June 2014

Good news — on March 31, all federal charges against Nestora Salgado were dismissed! Needed next: get the state charges dropped. Supporters continue to campaign for her freedom. For the… Read more »

What drives Latino children to El Norte?

October 2014

From 2014, a column that recognizes the suffering of child immigrants – and the determination of those who come to the U.S. on their own — and addresses the all-important question: Why?

Northwest farm workers harvest labor victories

October 2014

In northwest Washington state, a feisty self-organized union is making labor history by confronting a goliath berry corporation — and winning! Skagit Valley farm workers, mostly indigenous Triqui and Mixteco… Read more »