FSP Recommendations for Bay Area Voters

October 17, 2016

For information on our national positions on the elections, click here. A shorter summary of these positions is available at the bottom of this article. You may take the “cheat sheet” into the voting booth with you. San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 11 Berta Hernandez is a socialist running for the Board of Supervisors… Read more »

The unacknowledged roots of the Orlando shootings

August 2016

The massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando has produced a national wave of anguish and righteous anger, especially among LGBTQ and Latina/o communities, at the loss of so many promising young lives. Now the search for answers has begun. Most politicians blame global terrorism in some fashion, from the explicitly anti-Muslim bigotry of Donald Trump… Read more »

FSP recommendations — Vote socialist!

August 2016

The Freedom Socialist Party’s (FSP) recommendation for your anti-capitalist protest vote in November goes to Socialist Action’s (SA) write-in candidates Jeff Mackler for president and Karen Schraufnagel for vice president. SA puts forward a far-reaching program that includes abolishing the U.S. war machine; getting rid of racist, sexist, and homophobic laws and practices; amnesty, legalization,… Read more »

The grand illusion: How the 1 percent gain the “consent” of the 99 percent

August 2016

The elections process in the United States: Is this what democracy looks like? The widespread support for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, who share the message of “the system is rigged” however much they disagree otherwise, shows that people are skeptical. Very skeptical — with plenty of reason. The great idea of democracy is that… Read more »

¡Saludos! Greetings to the FSP convention from Mexico

December 2016

Excerpts from greetings by the Partido Obrero Socialista. Revolutionary Marxists in Mexico and around the world have things to learn from FSP that are essential for constructing our own parties, including the role of women workers. This is reflected in FSP’s advocacy of socialist feminism and in the intelligent, patient and enthusiastic leadership of FSP… Read more »

Highlights from FSP’s political resolution ‘‘Standing on the Edge of Something Big’’

February 2017

Following are excerpts from the Freedom Socialist Party document “Standing on the Edge of Something Big,” adopted at FSP’s September 2016 convention. These sections analyze the political and economic nature of the times and the history leading up to today’s reality. Others examine the decline of capitalist democracy; the 2016 elections; the upsurge in class… Read more »

Class: it’s where we find our strength

February 2017

Analyzing the reasons why Donald Trump “won” the 2016 election is in part an exercise in absurdity, since Hillary Clinton attracted about three million more votes than he did. Still, enough people chose Donald Trump to give him an Electoral College majority, and that is what counts in not-so-democratic U.S. politics. Many people in the… Read more »