En dónde estamos y cómo llegamos aquí

junio ​​de 2017

Publicamos fragmentos del documento titulado “Standing on the Edge of Something Big” (“Estamos ante algo grande”), emitido por la convención del FSP de septiembre de 2016. Estas secciones analizan la naturaleza económica y política de estos tiempos y la historia que condujo a la realidad actual. Otras examinan el decline de la democracia capitalista; las… Read more »

PSL event and offices disrupted and vandalized in Albuquerque

July 5, 2017

The Freedom Socialist Party condemns both the attempt to shut down the Juneteenth event of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in Albuquerque on June 23 and the vandalism of their offices that followed. Whatever criticisms one might have of PSL or another left group, and however valid they are, expressing them in this way… Read more »

Time to defy sexual and political predators

October 25, 2016

The choice between an establishment feminist warmonger and a racist, woman-defiling bankruptcy expert is no choice at all. Watching Donald Trump stalk Hillary Clinton on stage during their second debate, I wondered: was he calculating to intimidate or just doing what comes naturally? His misogyny is hard-wired. I abhor Trump’s boasting about his assaults on… Read more »

FSP Recommendations for New York City Voters

October 2016

Vote Socialist on Tuesday, November 8th There are no statewide or New York City issues on this year’s ballot. Once again the political establishment is denying voters the power to decide what’s best for our communities. As described in our election letter, the FSP recommends you write in the Socialist Action (SA) ticket of Jeff… Read more »

Report from the streets of Washington D.C.: Resistance is on the rise!

January 24, 2017

On the eve of the inauguration, the Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women contingent members met at the three separate locations where we were housed. We discussed the goals for the following days: talking to the people in the streets, spreading our demands and Socialist Feminist program, connecting with other activists, getting contact information for… Read more »

W.E.B. Du Bois: Solidarity can save us

February 2017

Amidst organizing against the Trumpite attacks on many of our rights — attempts to immerse the whole country in bigotry, anti-worker sentiment and war — a talk by Du Bois reminds us of the significance of solidarity. The brilliant author, sociologist, historian and activist was 78 when he presented “Behold the Land” in 1946 to… Read more »

Life after the election – Let’s stand and fight together!

July 25, 2016

It’s been a rough few weeks. Police violence escalated in July with the deaths of at least three Black people, four Latinos, and a Latina in just one week. An outpouring of racism followed the killings of cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge, climaxing in an ugly “law and order” Republican convention. In the middle… Read more »