New waves of countrywide anti-occupation resistance in Afghanistan

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Statement by Left Radical Organization of Afghanistan (LRA)

The anti-occupation resistance in Afghanistan is entering a new period of remarkable fighting against the aggressive and oppressive occupation of US/NATO forces. The recent bravely anti-US and NATO protests by millions of people, from East to West and North to South of Afghanistan, showed that anti-occupation sentiment not only has not been reduced, but is growing and publicizing.

The US and NATO warmongers violate laws and conventions, commit heinous crimes against citizens in their military oppressions and in their awful detention centers, and should not be expected to be welcomed with bouquets of flowers as “heroes and defenders of anti-terror war” by their victims in Afghanistan. On the contrary, they will be treated and chased as war criminals, responsible for the physical and cultural destruction of Afghanistan.

When US imperialism and its allies in NATO use night raids to kill civilians, humiliate the women and terrify the children, the world should not expect the people to tolerate all these crimes with silence. As has been seen, the inhuman imperialist forces are not satisfied with killing men, women and children of Afghanistan but additionally they cut off their fingers, urinate on their dead bodies and force the children to have sex for their entertainment, exhibiting the real meaning of democracy, human rights and culture.

On 8 February 2012, NATO air strikes killed tens of civilians and children in Kapisa province as well as in the same month in Kunar province. But, on 22 February 2012, the NATO helicopters bombarded a girls school in Nangarhar province where tens of little girls were killed and tens of them injured. The heads of US and NATO in Washington, Brussels and Kabul just simply said “sorry!”

During the last ten years, the people of Afghanistan have been experiencing the most deteriorated time of their lives. Now, the people of Afghanistan clearly understand the dirty objectives of US and NATO imperialism in Afghanistan and will not be deceived by their fake slogans of democracy, human rights and development. On the one hand, the forces toppled the dark Taliban regime but, on the other hand, imposed a very corrupt, mafia style and irresponsible regime in Afghanistan worse than any previous regime!

The recent finding of human right organizations in last two months show that because of war, poverty, starvation and cold weather, thousands of children and adults have lost their lives and everyday 400 people have been forcibly displaced.

Left Radical Organization of Afghanistan (LRA) condemns the uncivilized treatment of US/NATO in Afghanistan and supports the legal protests and action of workers, the oppressed and all war victims in Afghanistan. LRA express its heartfelt condolences to the families of hundreds of martyred people and thousands of injured protestors killed and hurt by US/NATO and Afghan police forces since last Tuesday, 21 February, 2012 and announces its solidarity with the protestors. Because they proved that the people of Afghanistan will not let the occupation forces play with their future and values. Because they proved that high technology, mass destruction, chemical weapons and hundreds of billions of dollars cannot repress the determination of a nation to stand for their legal and natural rights and to defend themselves.

LRA calls on all anti-imperialists and peace loving parties, organizations, unions and people to demand that the Afghan government release the protesters detained in connection with the recent demonstrations.

  • End the US/NATO occupation!
  • End the oppression and humiliation!
  • Long live the anti-occupation resistance!

Left Radical Organization of Afghanistan (LRA)

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