We stand with Tarneen Onus-Williams!

Tarneen Onus-Williamsat the 26 January Invasion Day Rally in Melbourne.
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The witch-hunt in full flight against young Yigar Gunditjmara and Bindal woman, Tarneen Onus-Williams, who chaired the 2018 Melbourne Invasion Day Rally last Friday, is an outrage.

Instead of focusing on the 230 years of genocidal practice fueling massive multiracial Invasion Day marches around the country, the conservative, racist and superficial profiteerswho publish and broadcast the bourgeois media are targeting Tarneen, an activist from Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, who spoke to a crowd of 60,000 supporters where she verbally and powerfully expressed her rage at the impact of the colonial settler state on the First Nations of this continent.

FSP and Radical Women members show their support at the Invasion Day Rally

The very forces of society that monotonously uphold free speech rights for racists, sexists and rightwing bigots, are now screaming for retribution, because a young Aboriginal woman was too angry on Invasion Day!

There’s a massive groundswell of support demanding justice for First Nations and refusing to celebrate invasion and all it brought with it. It’s precisely the strength of this movement that is inflaming the attack — when a movement is gathering steam, opponents seek to tear down its leaders and scare others from stepping forward.

The demands that Tarneen be removed from her role with a government-funded organisation must be defeated. The pattern of funded organisations distancing themselves from the very activists, who created the conditions for funding in the first place, is a phenomenon common to every movement for radical change. It is also why independent, grassroots organisations that cannot be bought off are so crucial.

Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party were proud to be part of the massive crowd that marched in Melbourne on Invasion Day. We’re inspired by the young, primarily female, leadership that is building a powerful Indigenous-led multiracial movement, and this includes Tarneen Onus-Williams. All power to you sister – we pledge our ongoing support to build a movement that can turn rightful rage into revolution!

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