Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor

April 2011

MIDDLE EAST Dictators trembling How wonderful to see the inspiring example of people’s power being expressed on the streets of Egypt, Tunisia and other countries in the Middle East [Tunisia: first spark of secular Arab revolt? Vol. 32, No. 1]. It is tremendous to see the various corrupt dictators throughout the region trembling at the… Read more »

FBI target Hatem Abudayyeh defends the right to dissent

April 2011

On Sept. 24, 2010, the FBI raided the homes of anti-war and socialist activists, including that of Hatem Abudayyeh and his family. Soon after the raids the FBI subpoenaed Hatem and 22 other people in the Midwest to appear before a federal grand jury impaneled in Chicago. So far, all have invoked their Fifth Amendment… Read more »

FS Editorial: Libyan rebels need aid — but not from the US

April 2011

It’s very suspect when imperialists propose military aid to revolutionaries. However, that’s just what the governments of the U.S. and Western Europe are debating, along with their punditry — for humanitarian reasons, of course. But what the imperialists really care about in regard to Libya is oil, plus “stability” for the major U.S. and European… Read more »

Censorship: no way to build an anti-war movement

April 2011

In July 2010, 800 antiwar activists from across the country met in Albany, N.Y. at the United National Antiwar Conference. The purpose was to democratically vote on an action plan about U.S. war-making and how to stop it. The conference is organizing demonstrations for April 9 in New York City and April 10 in San… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial: Antiwar movement not so democratic

June 2011

April anti-war protests in New York and San Francisco sponsored by the United National Antiwar Committee (UNAC) were spirited and inclusive. But Socialist Action, which helps lead UNAC, misses the mark in describing the conference that called the rallies. In its May newspaper, it credits “democratic procedure” in making the April actions “diverse and politically… Read more »

Answer to the budget travesty: tax profits and end the wars

June 2011

On April 15, the U.S. House of Representatives passed Rep. Paul Ryan’s version of the 2012 federal budget. Called the “Path to Prosperity,” it embodies the biggest shift of wealth from one class to another in U.S. history. The Ryan plan would decimate Medicare, gut Medicaid and slash two million jobs. At the same time,… Read more »

FBI papers left at raid expose anti-red witch-hunt

August 2011

Between September 2010 and May 2011, 24 Midwest and Los Angeles antiwar, labor, and international solidarity organizers were raided, questioned, harassed, and some face grand jury subpoenas. If they refuse to testify, they can be imprisoned for up to 18 months. For more information, check out Why is the Obama administration cracking down on… Read more »

Next step for the Occupy movement: uniting labor and the dispossessed

December 2011

The first months of the Occupy Wall Street movement have been filled with growing pains — many caused by the rough chafing of plastic zip-tie handcuffs. The camps are important free-speech centers, a long overdue mass protest of the capitalist austerity program. Hopefully, the movement will be able to turn the tide against the police… Read more »

Japan says “Goodbye, nuclear power!” Labor lends its weight to mounting protests

December 2011

On Sept. 19, 2011, 60,000 people gathered in Tokyo’s Meiji Park to say “Goodbye, Nuclear Power Plants.” This demonstration was the biggest in Japan since the 1960s protests against the U.S.-Japan Status of Forces Agreement, a military pact strongly tying Japan to U.S. Cold War policies. Among those marching through the bustling metropolis were mothers… Read more »

Is Iran next for US shock and awe?

February 2012

This 2012 article discusses the underlying causes for U.S.-Iran hostilities, the triggers for protest within Iran, and the still-crucial need for a sustained U.S. anti-war movement.