Antiwar conference in June

June 2008

Anti-war activists from across the country will meet in Cleveland over the last weekend in June to strategize on how and when the U.S. anti-war movement can hold “the largest… Read more »

Northwest Winter Soldiers speak out

August 2008

Veterans and military families exposed the harsh realities of war and occupation at the forum “Northwest Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan” in Seattle on May 31. Iraq Veterans Against the… Read more »

For a general strike against war!

August 2008

A level 5 hurricane is ravaging the U.S. economy, in the form of war costs, housing foreclosures, rising unemployment and fuel costs. Many working people have few illusions that politicians… Read more »

Good news for Ehren Watada!

December 2008

Oct. 21, 2008: U.S. District Judge Benjamin Settle ruled that the Army may not proceed with a second court-martial against 1st. Lt. Watada on three of five counts for refusing… Read more »

Anti-war blockaders bedevil authorities

December 2008

In Washington State, home of Fort Lewis, local Port Militarization Resistance (PMR) have blockaded army equipment being transferred to and from the Iraq war through several civilian ports. In Olympia,… Read more »

Throwing sand in the gears of Guantánamo

February 2009

On the recent seventh anniversary of the Guantánamo Bay prison camp in Cuba, 12 percent of detainees languishing there were on hunger strike. Their demonstration was a powerful cry against… Read more »