Seven steps for ballot access reform

April 2012

Election season 2012: the rich are stuffing candidate bank accounts (while they continue to stuff their own); say-anything politicians, including President Obama, are blowing with the wind; and right-wing zealots… Read more »

Seven reasons to vote socialist feminist

June 2012

“Americans today have been put on the merry-go-round; on the Wall Street Republican-Democratic merry-go-round of boom, bust and war.” Representative Vito Marcantonio delivered those words in a speech to Congress… Read more »

Gerry Foley: a tribute

August 2012

Gerry Foley, a leader in Socialist Action and life-long U.S. revolutionary with vast knowledge of the struggles of oppressed peoples worldwide, died suddenly on April 21 — fittingly, in Chiapas,… Read more »