Freedom Socialist Party convention 2014 — convention diary

August 2014

I arrived in Los Angeles on May 24, several days before the start of the Freedom Socialist Party convention, to help with outreach and other preparation for our party’s most important event. I felt the electricity almost immediately, because our politics are about the biggest questions facing humanity. How to defend working people and our… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial — Ebola: fruit of poverty and racism

October 2014

On Sept. 16, President Obama finally announced increased, but still woefully inadequate, aid to West Africa to fight the devastating Ebola epidemic. It came only after the president of Liberia desperately appealed for U.S. help. A few days before, the Defense Department announced with great fanfare that it would build a 25-bed field hospital —… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Party political resolution — Amid recession, reaction and rebellion: A world to win, a planet to save

October 2014

This political resolution, written on behalf of the Freedom Socialist Party National Committee and incorporating changes by the FSP membership, was adopted at the party’s May 2014 convention. It is an inspiring call to arms for ecosocialism as the solution for capitalist injuries to workers and the planet. Contents I. Overview II. Capitalism: a twin-headed… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor

December 2014

UNITED FRONT Needed today The political resolution of the FSP [“A world to win, a planet to save,” Vol. 35, No. 5] references the need for “united front” action, as well it should. No one socialist party in this nation today can hope to take on and defeat the capitalist ruling elite on any national… Read more »

Len Stephan, 1936-2014

December 2014

A music and math aficionado, lover of nature and computers, and committed environmentalist, Len Stephan passed away in September, a few weeks shy of his 78th birthday, after a valiant battle with cancer. Born in Regina, Canada on October 12, 1936 to socialist parents, he moved to Vancouver, B.C. “as a tot” as his daughter… Read more »

Cuba: la encrucijada de una revolución

abril de 2015

Muchos cubanos se sintieron alegres por las noticias de la distensión de las relaciones con EEUU. El anuncio de los presidentes Barack Obama y Raúl Castro en diciembre de 2014 provocó la esperanza de que se terminara la separación entre seres amados, que pudieran disfrutar más de la libertad de comunicarse, o de conseguir un… Read more »

Cuba: crossroads for a revolution

April 2015

For many Cubans, news of the thaw in relations with the U.S. was joyous. The announcement by Presidents Barack Obama and Raúl Castro in December 2014 raised hopes of ending separations between loved ones, enjoying more freedom of communication, or gaining a job in the tourist industry with its access to valuable U.S. dollars. And… Read more »

Freedom Socialist book reviews: A fascinating range of titles from our contributors

April 2015

Most Freedom Socialist writers are volunteers whose “day jobs” range from lawyer to social worker and restaurant server. Many are published authors of poetry, novels, professional literature, or political works — a sampling is reviewed below. • • • Lila, the Revolutionary, by William T. Hathaway. Nascent Books, 2014. Reviewed by Andrea Bauer Can one… Read more »