The future of Socialist Alliance

Winter/Spring 2006

In the last issue of the Freedom Socialist Bulletin (Number 34), we published an article, “Rescue Plan Needed for Socialist Alliance.” The piece contained our analysis of the problems which beset the Socialist Alliance and criticised decisions taken by the Democratic Socialist Perspective, which we believe damaged Socialist Alliance. We ended this piece with a… Read more »

What history tells us about the revolutionary potential of Marxism versus anarchism

Summer/Autumn 2006

The explosive protests against the World Trade Organization in Seattle in 1999 raised the profile of anarchism. Anarchists were very involved in that profound upsurge, and the media cameras particularly focused on those with a penchant for breaking corporate windows. Anarchism is positive in the sense that it is an enraged, eruptive reaction to oppression…. Read more »

The role of socialists in the union movement today

Summer/Autumn 2006

This article is an edited and updated version of a talk given by Alison Thorne at a Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) meeting on 31 August 2005. Thorne is a workplace delegate in the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) and an activist in the rank and file caucus, Members First. With the Howard Government gearing… Read more »

Rescue plan needed for Socialist Alliance

Summer/Autumn 2006

In February 2001 the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) attended a meeting of socialists in Sydney, which reached an historic agreement to establish the Socialist Alliance (SA). The FSP was jubilant about this historic breakthrough. In the next edition of the Freedom Socialist Bulletin (#25), we argued, “the time has never been more urgent or more… Read more »

Exposing the Spartacist school of falsification

Winter/Spring 2005

For those who have not had the pleasure of an introduction, the Spartacist League (SL) is a self-described “propaganda group” which specialises in sectarian attacks on what it calls “opponent groups” in the socialist movement.  A correct view of history is important, because it informs how we organise today and how we form political policy… Read more »

The tale of two conferences: National Union Fightback and the Socialist Alliance National Conferences

Winter/Spring 2005

The contrast could not have been greater.  On Saturday 11 June, Socialist Alliance (SA) organised a militant National Union Fightback Conference, involving not only rank-and-file unionists, but the leaders of fighting unions across the country and representatives of the combative UNITE union from New Zealand. Arising from this historic gathering was a defiant statement pointing… Read more »

Your Say

Winter/Spring 2004

Free Mario Bango Mario Bango is a 21-year-old Roma from Slovakia, imprisoned since March 2001 for the “crime” of defending his younger brother when they were brutally attacked by a neo-Nazi skinhead. Now he has been sentenced to 12 years without parole in prison for attempted murder. Like most Roma in Slovakia, Mario and his… Read more »

Socialist Alliance Conference moves forward on policy despite organisational scheming

Winter/Spring 2004

The 2004 National Conference of the Socialist Alliance (SA) was a largely successful gathering which made major progress in adopting detailed policy for the upcoming Federal election. For far too long the Alliance has neglected policy. An interminable, and largely irrelevant, debate about its organisational structures has taken up a lot of energy that could… Read more »

Socialist Feminists and the Socialist Alliance: An exchange between Louise Walker and Radical Women

Winter/Spring 2004

In the last Radical Women Supplement, of Freedom Socialist Bulletin # 30 (Summer/Autumn 2004), Radical Women published its letter to the Socialist Alliance National Executive explaining its decision not to formally affiliate to Socialist Alliance (SA) but to instead remain autonomous while actively supporting SA as a united front. We publish below the subsequent discussion… Read more »