Letters to the editor – Freedom Socialist newspaper – December 2011

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Key role of women

It was thrilling to see a review of Even the Rain, a movie made about the water wars in Bolivia, published in the Freedom Socialist [Class struggle challenges bourgeois art-making, Vol. 32, No. 5]. 

As an anti-privatization activist, I completely agree that the lessons about class lines in this struggle need to be absorbed thoroughly — as the battle over who controls natural and socially created wealth rages across the globe. And I commend the reviewer, and the filmmakers, for recognizing and publicizing that point.

But a point of equal importance, because it is by no means accepted by leftists, is the leading role played by women in sparking, maintaining, and leading the rebellion in Bolivia.

It is leadership like that of those brave women who took on the Bechtel corporation and their own government, which led to the massive revolt that inspired the world.  They proved that water rights and privatization are both feminist and labor issues.

Muffy Sunde, Los Angeles


Aussies must 
speak out

For too long successive Australian governments have remained silent pretending that there were no problems in West Papua. Meanwhile the Indonesian army brutally represses the people of the region. We should not allow our governments to once again blindly accept what is happening there without serious enquiry and condemnation of atrocities that occur.

When people are arrested, beaten, imprisoned and killed for expressing their opinions or for taking part in peaceful protests in West Papua, then Australians have a responsibility to speak out about the plight of indigenous Melanesians and to support justice and human rights for the people of West Papua.

Steven Katsineris, Hurstbridge, Australia


René González released

René González, one of the Cuban Five, walked out of prison after more than 13 years, having served his unjust sentence.

However, the U.S. government insists on punishing him even more by requiring him to remain in Florida for the three years of his parole, even though René has no family in Florida and his life will be in danger from the terrorist groups he infiltrated.

The very fact that a man who the government called a “threat to national security” is required to remain in the United States, rather than being immediately deported, demonstrates quite clearly what the prosecution and persecution is all about.

The National Committee to Free the Cuban Five has an online petition to President Obama to allow René González to go home. We urge all to add their voices to this demand.

National Committee to Free the Cuban 5, San Francisco


Occupy the Capitol

The Sisters Organize for Survival (SOS) campaign of Seattle Radical Women has been fighting for three years against social service cuts and attacks on public employees.

Washington’s Governor Gregoire called a special session of the legislature, which starts on November 28, to rip another $2 billion from already decimated human services.

Proposed cuts would lay off even more public employees, slash education, home health for the sick and elderly, services for developmentally disabled and health care for the poor.

This is inhumane and unacceptable!

SOS is joining with dozens of community groups and labor unions to protest these impending cuts. We believe it’s time to go to Olympia and occupy the Capitol until all our needs are met!

Our demands include a call to tax Microsoft, Boeing, and other large corporations to pay for needed services. SOS invites everyone to join with us to protest at the Capitol. Contact 206-722-6057 for info or to get involved.

Working together, we will beat back attacks on poor and working people.

Gina Petry, SOS Coordinator, Seattle


Great issue!

I want to thank you for turning out such a fine issue [Vol. 32, No. 5]. I enjoyed the stories on “How banks run the world” by Megan Cornish, “Why I am a Radical Woman”
by Beatriz Paez, and the “Tea Party millionaires in Congress” by Lois Danks.

Ms. Paez is such an inspiration to people who think that there is no alternative to capitalism, the mainstream media, and organized religion.

Anthony Valles, Los Angeles

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